FAQ: MicroBase Express


Why does MicroBase Express ask me for a User Name?

Before using your newly installed MicroBase Express, you should enter your desired User Name. This name will appear at the top of MicroBase Express screens and reports.

When MicroBase Express starts and cannot find a User Name the MicroBase User Name dialog will pop up prompting you to enter your desired User Name.



Does MicroBase support long filenames?

Since MicroBase is a Windows 16 bit application, it does not support long filenames. When entering a filename or path statement into MicroBase, you should observe the DOS/Win16 filename restriction of "8.3". In other words, filenames are restricted to eight characters followed by a filename extension of not more than three characters. Folders (directories) used in a path statement are restricted to eight characters.



How do I uninstall MicroBase Express from my computer?

You may notice that MicroBase Express does not contain an uninstaller program and does not create an entry in your Add/Remove Programs selector. This is because MicroBase Express does not copy files to the system directories and does not make entries in either the system registry or in any of the Windows initialization files.

To uninstall MicroBase Express , simply run windows explorer and delete the \MBEXP folder including any sub-folders located below it.



Why doesn't MicroBase display the print data dialog?

If you are using MicroBase on a computer which does not have any printer drivers installed, you will not be able to select the Print Data dialog.

To correct this problem, install the printer driver which is appropriate for your printer and then restart MicroBase. The Print Data dialog will now be available.



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