FAQ: Downloading Application Notes


System Requirements

You can download Application Notes into your computer using MicroBase Professional. You will need the following:

  • MicroBase Professional installed on your computer
  • An Internet connection.
  • Your DSS supplied Username and Password for MicroBase Network access.
  • Adobe reader (for viewing Application Notes).

Note: If you have not been issued (or have lost) a Username and Password for MicroBase Network access, you can submit your request here.

Download Application Notes

Use the following steps to download Application Notes:

  1. Run MicroBase Professional.
  2. Click Applications - Application Notes.
  3. The Browse Application Notes dialog will be displayed.
  4. If the desired Application Note is not stored on your computer, click Download.
  5. The Application Note List will be downloaded from the MicroBase Network and displayed in the Application Note download dialog.
  6. Click on the desired Application Note and it will be automatically downloaded and displayed using Adobe Reader.
  7. Print the Application Note from within Adobe Reader by clicking File - Print, select printer settings and finish with OK.
  8. When finished, close Adobe Reader. A copy of the downloaded Application Note will be saved to the Application Note folder.

Note: If your MicroBase Pro installation is unable to connect to the Internet, click here to download Application Notes via web browser.

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