FAQ: Downloading MV2 Group Files


System Requirements

You can download MV2 Group Files into your computer using MicroBase Professional. You will need the following:

  • MicroBase Professional installed on your computer
  • An Internet connection.
  • Your DSS supplied Username and Password for MicroBase Network access.

Note: If you have not been issued (or have lost) a Username and Password for MicroBase Network access, you can submit your request here.

Download MV2 Group Files To MicroBase Pro

Use the following steps to download MicroVib II Group Files:

  1. Run MicroBase Professional.
  2. Click Applications - Group Files.
  3. The Browse Group Files dialog will be displayed.
  4. If the desired Group File is not stored on your computer, click Download.
  5. The Group Files List will be downloaded from the MicroBase Network and displayed in the Group File download dialog
  6. Click on the desired Group File and it will be automatically downloaded into your computer.

Note: If you download a group file and it does not appear in the Browse Group Files dialog or the Data Manager, then you are likely running MicroBase v2.0 on Windows Vista (or later) without the security workaround. To correct this, you should perform the auto update to MicroBase Pro v2.1. For more information about the auto-update procedure, click here.

Note: If your MicroBase Pro installation is unable to connect to the Internet, click here to download MV2 Group Files via web browser.

Upload Group Files To MicroVib II

  1. Connect your MicroVib II to your computer via the 1311 cable.
  2. Turn your MicroVib II on. Once the power on self test is complete, press the Mode menu item.
  3. On MicroBase, click File - MicroVib II - Data Manager.
  4. MicroBase Professional will display the Local File list (local file directory) on the left side of the dialog and the Remote File list (MicroVib II file directory) on the right side.
  5. Select the desired group file in the Local File list and click the Upload -> button to upload the group file to the MicroVib II.
  6. Verify that the group file is now shown on the Remote File list.
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