FAQ: Installing MicroBase Pro On A Server


Does MicroBase Pro Support Installation On A Server?

The short answer is NO, MicroBase Pro is not designed to be installed a server.


I Really Want To Run MicroBase Pro On My Server - Is There Any Way I Can Do This?

While operation of MicroBase Pro on a server is not supported, you may want to engage your IT professional to manually copy your MicroBase Pro installation to a server via the steps steps below.


Step 1 - Install And Activate MicroBase Professional On A Local Drive

  • Start Windows on the local user's computer and log on with administrator privileges.
  • Install MicroBase Pro on the C: drive.
  • Run MicroBase Professional.
  • When prompted, enter the license authorization information exactly as shown in your license agreement.
  • When prompted, create a new database for your MicroBase Pro installation.
  Step 2 - Move MicroBase Pro To Your Server
  • Prepare a location on your server for the MicroBase home folder. Example: Z:\Microbase. Insure that the selected server location is only available to the local user's computer. Making this location available to other computers or users is a violation of the MicroBase Pro License Agreement.
  • Move the entire MicroBase folder and its contents to the location you have selected on your server. The MicroBase Pro home folder should be C:\Program Files\Dss\Microbase (32-Bit Windows) or C:\Program Files (x86)\Dss\Microbase (64-bit Windows).
  • Insure that security settings for the new home folder permit Full Read/Write access to the local user's account. For information about security settings needed for this, click here.
  Step 3 - Create A Shortcut On Local User's Computer
  • Create a shortcut to the MicroBase executable in the new MicroBase Home folder. Example: Z:\Microbase\microbase.exe.
  • Run MicroBase Pro via the new shortcut and verify that MicroBase Pro functions properly.
  Read This - Concerns When Operating MicroBase Pro On A Server
  • Be sure to set up your backup plan to backup the entire contents of the new MicroBase Pro home folder.
  • Do not attempt to utilize the MicroBase Pro Auto-Update feature. It will not update your server based installation.
  • Do not attempt Multi-User access to the new MicroBase Pro home folder (see below).

  Does MicroBase Pro Support Multi-User Operation?

The answer to this is most definitely NO, MicroBase Pro is not designed with the necessary file and record locking facilities which are necessary for Multi-User operation.

Attempts to operate MicroBase Pro in a Multi-User environment will most certainly result in database corruption. Therefore, we strongly recommend you do not try this.

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