FAQ: Installing MicroBase Pro On A Windows Tablet


1. Can I Run MicroBase Professional On A Windows Based Tablet?

Yes, you probably can if your tablet is equipped with a an x86 compatible processor and an appropriate version of Windows.


2. What Tablets Have Been Tested With MicroBase Professional?

DSS has tested MicroBase Professional on a number of Windows based tablet computers. We have had excellent results with the following models:

  • HP Stream 7
  • Dell Venue 8 Pro
  • Nextbook 10
  • Dell Venue 11 Pro

Note: Several of the Windows tablet computers that we have tested are equipped with only 32gb disk storage. This amount of drive space is enough to store the Windows operating system and MicroBase Pro database, but very little else. Be sure to carefully manage your disk space if you intend to use MicroBase Pro on a 32gb tablet!

DSS plans to test additional tablet computers as new hardware configurations become available.

  3. What Tablets Won't Run MicroBase Professional?

Windows tablets which are based on an ARM Processor are typically equipped with Windows RT and are not compatible with MicroBase Professional. Additionally, tablets which utilize an OS other than Windows are not compatible with MicroBase Professional.

  4. How Do I Install MicroBase Professional On My Tablet?

The installation procedure is very similar to a regular desktop or notebook computer running windows. The primary difference is that your tablet won't have a CD drive to use for installation. You can work around this by copying the MicroBase Pro installation program from your CD to another type of media that your tablet can read. There are a variety of different media types you can use for this, such as:

  • USB Memory Stick
  • Email Attachment
  • Network Drive
  • Dropbox Virtual Drive

Use the following steps to copy the MicroBase Pro Setup Program to your tablet and then Install MicroBase Pro:

  • Insert your MicroBase Pro Installation CD into CD Drive of a desktop or notebook computer.
  • When Windows asks what you would like to do with the CD contents, select Explore or Browse.
  • Locate the MicroBase Pro setup program setup.exe located in the CD Root Folder.
  • Copy the setup program to one of the transfer media types described above.
  • Make the transfer media available to your Tablet.
  • Copy the setup program to your tablet's Desktop.
  • Run the setup.exe program and follow the installation steps outlined here.

  5. What Differences Will I See When I Run MicroBase Professional On a Windows Tablet?

Tablet Computers typically utilize very small displays and you may find it difficult to read all of the information that MicroBase Pro presents. Tablets are available with a variety of display sizes from 7 to 11 inches or even larger. DSS recommends that you choose a display which is large enough to provide comfortable viewing of all MicroBase Pro features.

Some people may it difficult to operate MicroBase Pro using a touch screen interface on a small tablet display. This is particularly true for those with larger fingers. DSS recommends the use of a Bluetooth coupled mouse in order to make operation smooth and easy.

Smaller tablet computers are usually equipped with Micro-USB connections. If your Tablet computer is equipped this way, and you need to use a USB to RS-232 Adapter to communicate with your MicroVib II, then you will need to obtain a Micro-USB Male to USB A Female adapter cable to permit your computer to accept the USB to RS-232 adapter. These cables are very inexpensive (about $5) and can be found on many retail stores and websites such as amazon.com.


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