FAQ: Troubleshooting MicroBase Professional Authorization




1. Why does MicroBase Pro ask for my authorization key?

Before using MicroBase Professional, you must enter the factory supplied authorization information that came with your license agreement.

MicroBase Pro Authorization Information is supplied in the following format:

  • License Owner: Wright Cycle Company
  • Location/Facility: Dayton Ohio
  • Authorization Key: 12345-67890-ABCDE-FGHIJ-KLMNO

When MicroBase starts and cannot find valid registration information, the MicroBase License dialog will appear prompting you to enter a valid Licensed User Name, Facility/Location and Authorization Key. All three strings must be entered into the dialog exactly as shown on the license agreement.

Valid authorization information only need be entered once. Once validated, this information is saved within the MicroBase Professional installation.

2. Why does MicroBase Pro fail to authorize?

In order for MicroBase Professional to authorize, the License Owner's name, Facility and Authorization Key must be entered exactly as they appear on the DSS supplied License Agreement. If MicroBase will not accept the information you have typed, check for the following in all three fields:

  • Spelling and punctuation must match exactly
  • Be careful not to mistake the number "one" for the letter 'I'.
  • Be careful not to mistake the number "zero" for the letter 'O'.

Important Note: If you are using MicroBase Professional v2.00 and your computer is set to a time zone East of GMT, then MicroBase may not authorize even if you type the authorization information in properly. This is a known bug in MicroBase Pro v2.00.

You can workaround this problem by setting your computer to a time zone which is GMT or farther west.

You can permanently correct this problem by updating to MicroBase Pro v2.01 using the following steps:

  • Install MicroBase v2.00 but do not start the program.
  • Log on to your computer as administrator.
  • Click Start - Programs - Dss - MicroBase Professional - Check For MicroBase Updates
  • Follow the instructions to download and install the MicroBase Pro v2.01 update
  • Your MicroBase installation will now accept your valid authorization information.

3. Why does MicroBase Pro v2.0x ask for my authorization key on each startup?

If you have successfully authorized MicroBase Pro v2.0x under Windows 8/8.1/10 and are asked to reenter your authorization key each time MicroBase Pro starts, MicroBase Pro is unable to save your authorization information in the Windows Registry. Use the following steps to correct this:

  1. Locate the shortcut to MicroBase Pro, Right Click and select Run As Administrator.
  2. Enter your authorization information when requested and click OK.
  3. Shut down MicroBase Pro immediately.
  4. Run MicroBase Pro using your ordinary credentials.
  5. Your authorization information should be saved and you should not have to re-enter it. 

The workaround above is needed due to a change in Windows permissions beginning with Windows 8. This issue has been corrected in MicroBase Pro v2.1x.

4. Why can one Windows user run MicroBase Pro v2.0x while another is asked to re-enter authorization info?

If, when running under Windows Vista or above, one Windows User can run MicroBase Pro, but a different Windows User is asked to re-enter the MicroBase Pro authorization info, MicroBase Pro is not able to comply with the security requirements of  the Windows operating system and needs to be updated. Use the following septs to correct this:
  1. Log into Windows as the user who can successfully run MicroBase Pro.
  2. Perform the steps for MicroBase Pro v2.0x in the MicroBase Pro Auto-Update FAQ.


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