FAQ: MicroBase Pro - MicroVib II Communication




1. Equipment needed to connect MicroVib II to PC

  • MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer
  • DSS 1311 Cable
  • Windows based PC with operable RS-232 Serial Port
  • MicroBase Professional Software




2. Configuring MicroBase Pro to communicate with your PC
  • If your computer is not equipped with an RS-232 Serial Port, See the FAQ, Add An RS-232 Serial Port for information on adding a Serial port via Add-On Card or USB Adapter.
  • You must determine what your RS-232 Serial Port designation is before you can use MicroBase Pro to communicate with your MicroVib II. Serial Port names always begin with COM and end in a number. MicroBase Pro can utilize serial port names in the range of COM1 through COM9. To view the serial ports available on your computer see the FAQ, Serial Port Settings In Windows.
  • When you have determined your RS-232 Serial Port "COM" number, open MicroBase Pro, then select Options - Connect Settings and select the appropriate Com port number.

Important Note: It is always better to use a native (built-in) RS-232 Serial Port to communicate with your MicroVib II. If your computer is not equipped with a native RS-232 Serial Port, you may be able to get by using a USB to RS-232 adapter, however these adapters must simulate the RS-232 Serial Port in software and do not perform identically to a native hardware solution.

  3. Initiating communication between MicroBase Pro and your MicroVib II
  • Connect 1311 cable from your MicroVib II to your RS-232 Serial Port
  • Start your MicroVib II. After power on self test is complete, press the Mode key. The Mode menu will display.
  • Start MicroBase Professional. Click the MV2 Data Manager icon (far upper left icon). The Data Manager dialog will open and MicroBase Pro will automatically connect to your MicroVib II.
  • Verify that you are connected by viewing the file listing on the right side of the Data Manager dialog. These are remote files located on the MicroVib II.

For detailed instructions on MicroBase Pro to MicroVib II communication, see the MicroBase Pro help section: MicroBase Help - Using MicroBase - Using The Data Manager


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