FAQ: Sharing MicroBase Pro Data Via PDF File


How Can I share MicroBase Pro Data With Someone Who Doesn't Have MicroBase Pro?

If the recipient of your data does not have MicroBase Professional installed on their computer, you can print and email a PDF copy of any MicroBase Pro report.

Note: Beginning with Windows Vista, Microsoft begin including software to create the alternative document format called XPS format While the XPS document format never really gained traction, you might be able to utilize it for the purpose described on this page. If your computer can create Microsoft XPS documents, and your recipient can read XPS documents, then you can use the XPS format instead of PDF.


1. Install PDF Creation Software On Your Computer

There are dozens of different programs available to permit you to create PDF documents. The most well known is Adobe Acrobat which contains many powerful features and can be fairly expensive to purchase. There are many other PDF Generators available, some are fairly in-expensive and others are completely free. Below is a list of PDF Generator programs which have been successfully tested with MicroBase Professional running under Windows 7 Professional:

  • Adobe Acrobat X Pro v10.1 ($$)
  • PrimoPDF v5.0 (free)

If your computer is equipped with Windows 10, then you already have a built in PDF generator which works very well with MicroBase Professional:

  • Microsoft Print To PDF (Free with Win10)
  2. Print MicroBase Pro Reports Using PDF Creation Software
  • Start MicroBase Pro
  • Select and display the desired MicroBase Pro data item to be shared.
  • Click File - Print Data.
  • In the Printer selection drop down, select your PDF Creation software (Adobe PDF, PrimoPDF, etc.).
  • When ready to create your PDF document, click Print.
  • When prompted, enter the document name and the path where you would like the document to be created.
  • Your PDF document will be created.
  • Repeat this process for all reports that you wish to share.
  3. Email Your PDF Reports To The Recipient
  • Create a new email and address it to your recpient.
  • Attach the MicroBase Pro PDF Report(s) created above.
  • Send the email to your recipient.
  4. Receive And Print The Shared MicroBase Pro Reports

These steps should be accomplished by the recipient in order to view and print the shared reports

  • Make sure that Adobe Reader is installed on the computer.
  • Open the email and save the attached reports to the desktop.
  • Open the PDF reports with Adobe Reader and view their contents.
  • Click File - Print to print the desired reports.

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