FAQ: MicroBase Pro v2.1 - What's New

MicroBase Professional v2.1 is now available for auto-update. This new version of MicroBase Professional brings a number of new features. You can read about the changes in MicroBase Pro v2.1 below.

Downloadable Spectrum Alarm Envelope Files

Spectrum plots can now be evaluated with Spectrum Alarm Envelopes which are custom designed for a particular machine and power setting.

To demonstrate the Spectrum Alarm Envelope feature:

  • Select a spectrum plot for display
  • Right click on the plot and select Alarms Browse Alarm Files.
  • Select the desired alarm file in the upper left dropbox.
  • Optionally click Download and download the desired Alarm File.
  • When the desired alarm file is displayed, click Create Link to link the alarm file to your plot.

Vibration Converter-Computer Utility

Vibration domain conversions are now simple and easy with the new Vibration Computer utility.

To demonstrate the Vibration Computer feature:

  • Click Utilities Vibration Computer.
  • Make sure [ ] Track Cursor Position is UnChecked.
  • Enter 61.439 CPS/Hz into Convert From: Vibration Frequency.
  • Enter 1.000 IN/S Pk into Convert From: Vibration Magnitude.
  • Click ACC PK in the Convert To: units boxes.
  • The Convert To: Vibration Magnitude should be 1.00 Gs Pk.
  • With the Vibration Computer displayed, select a spectrum plot.
  • Place your cursor on a vibration peak.
  • In the Vibration Computer, click Load Cursor Data.
  • The vibration peak Freq, Mag and Units will be loaded into the Convert From: box.
  • Select the desired units and units type in the Convert To: box.
  • The vibration peak will be converted to the desired units and displayed in the Convert To: box.
  • In the Vibration Computer dialog, check the [x] Track Cursor Position.
  • Drag the cursor across the spectrum plot and the Convert From: box will be continuously updated with cursor position information

Dual Plane Balancing Utility

MicroBase Pro can now be used to compute Dual Plane Balance solutions.

To demonstrate Dual Plane Balance solutions:

  • Click on Utilities Dual Plane Balance
  • Enter machine Name, Model and Desc if desired.
  • Enter Trial Run 1 Left and Right plane vibration.
  • Enter Left Trial Weight.
  • Enter Trial Run 2 Left and Right plane vibration.
  • Enter Right Trial Weight.
  • Enter Trial Run 3 Left and Right plane vibration.
  • Click Load Trial 1 to solve the original vibration problem.
  • The Left and Right Plane Vibration Solution will be displayed
  • Enter the weight changes made.
  • Increment or decrement the run number as desired.

Proxy support

MicroBase Pro now supports Proxy Based Internet Connectivity.

To configure MicroBase Pro v2.1 for Proxy Server Internet click here.

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