FAQ: MicroBase Pro v2.2 - What's New

MicroBase Professional v2.2 is now available for auto-update. This new version of MicroBase Professional brings a number of new features. You can read about the changes in MicroBase Pro v2.2 below.

Balance History Timeline

The unique Balance History Timeline helps users quickly identify wasted balance runs and plan for more efficient balancing
Database View - Collections

Users can create custom data item Collections which are unaffected by the Tree View sort or Data Filter Settings
Custom Database Fields

Users can create custom database fields for better orgainization and data retreival.

Plus Machine Files

MicroBase Pro now supports Plus Machine files. Plus machine files are more powerful than before and can contain up to 128 items.

Overhauled Balance History Editor

The MicroBase Pro Balance History Editor has been overhauled and is now group/task aware

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