FAQ: MicroVib Direct Printing


Why should I print directly from my MicroVib Aircraft Analyzer?

Many customers performing "on the wing" Balancing, Tracking or Vibration Analysis would like to print their results in the field using one of today's small, lightweight and high performance portable printers. In cases like these, direct printing is simple, fast and can be accomplished without access to a personal computer.

What printer driver is supplied with the MicroVib Aircraft Analyzer?

The MicroVib was designed with built-in compatibility with many dot matrix and inkjet style printers. The internal printer driver will function properly with any printer which supports either of the following printer emulations:

  • IBM Pro Printer (X24E)
  • Epson LQ (LQ-510)

What printer interfaces are compatible with the MicroVib Aircraft Analyzer?

The MicroVib II can interface with printers which use a parallel "Centronics" interface connector. In order to connect to this type of connector, the following interface items must be used with the MicroVib II.

  • DSS 1025 - I/O Cable
  • DSS 1026 - Printer adaptor
  • DB25 to Parallel adaptor cable

What portable printers can I use with the MicroVib?

The MicroVib printer driver is compatible with many different printers. These portable printers have been tested with the MicroVib printer driver:

  • Canon BJ-10
  • Canon BJ-30
  • Canon BJC-70
  • Canon BJC-80
  • HP ThinkJet 2225c
  • Kodak Diconix 150
  • Kodak Diconix 180si

These portable printers are expected to be compatible with the MicroVib printer driver, but have not been tested by DSS:

  • Canon BJC-50
  • Canon BJC-85
  • Citizen Notebook II
  • Citizen PN48
  • Citizen PN50
  • Citizen PN60
  • HP ThinkJet 2225p 
  • Mannesmann Tally MT 735  
  • Star SJ-48 StarJet          

Can I print directly from the MicroVib to desktop printers?

Yes you can - as long as the desktop printer supports IBM Pro Printer or Epson LQ printer commands. Here are just a few of the desktop printers that DSS has tested the MicroVib II with:

  • Panasonic KXP-1091
  • Canon BJ-200e


What printers are not supported by the MicroVib?

Printers which cannot emulate IBM Pro Printer or Epson LQ printer commands are not supported by the MicroVib. Examples of printers which do not support these modes are:

  • Laser printers.
  • HP DeskJet printers.
  • Win Printers (simple graphics only printers).

What about printing with the MicroBase System?

The printer driver information listed above has no effect when printing from the MicroBase System. Since the MicroBase System is a Microsoft Windows application program it can print to any printer for which a Windows compatible printer driver has been installed.



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