FAQ: MicroVib II - Cable Repairs And Pinouts


Warning: Use Caution When Performing Local Repairs On DSS Cables

Double check to insure you are making the correct connections. Several DSS products (such as the Photo-Tach) are not protected against reverse polarity and can easily be damaged by use with a mis-wired cable. Equipment damaged in this way is not covered under warranty.

Important Note: Do not ever attempt to repair high temp cables! Field repairs of high temp cables can greatly affect data accuracy.


Can I Repair My DSS Cables Locally?

The DSS cable types listed below are generally field repairable using standard repair techniques.

H DSS 1007 - Single Engine Fixed Wing Cable
  • [Photo-Tach] Pin 2 --------------------BLU------------------------ Pin E [MS3116F14-18P] Gnd
  • [Photo-Tach] Pin 3 --------------------BLK------------------------ Pin D [MS3116F14-18P] Sig
  • [Photo-Tach] Pin 4 --------------------BRN------------------------ Pin M [MS3116F14-18P] +5v
  • [Accel] Pin A -------------------------WHT------------------------ Pin A [MS3116F14-18P] Gnd
  • [Accel] Pin B -------------------------GRN------------------------ Pin B [MS3116F14-18P] Sig

  DSS 1096 - Accelerometer Cable
  • [Accel] Pin A -------------------------WHT--------------------------- Pin D [Mux] Sig
  • [Accel] Pin B -------------------------GRN--------------------------- Pin B [Mux] Gnd

  DSS 1097 - Photo-Tach Cable
  • [Photo-Tach] Pin 2 --------------------GRN--------------------------- Pin B [Mux] Gnd
  • [Photo-Tach] Pin 3 --------------------WHT--------------------------- Pin D [Mux] Sig
  • [Photo-Tach] Pin 4 --------------------RED--------------------------- Pin A [Mux] +5v

  DSS 1170 - Mag P/U Cable
  • [Mag P/U] Pin A ------------------------WHT-------------------------- Pin D [Mux] Sig
  • [Mag P/U] Pin B ------------------------GRN-------------------------- Pin B [Mux] Gnd
DSS Magnetic Pickup
  • [Mag P/U] Pin A Signal
  • [Mag P/U] Pin B Gnd

Note: Continuity between Magnetic Pickup Pins A and B should be 900-1100 Ohms

  DSS 2145 - I/O Cable (USB)
  • [USB] ---------------------------------BLK-------------------------- Pin E [MS3116F14-18P] Gnd
  • [USB] ---------------------------------BRN-------------------------- Pin E [MS3116F14-18P] Gnd
  • [USB] ---------------------------------GRN-------------------------- Pin E [MS3226F14-18P] Gnd
  • [USB] ---------------------------------YEL-------------------------- Pin R [MS3226F14-18P] <-TX
  • [USB] ---------------------------------ORN-------------------------- Pin P [MS3226F14-18P] RX->
  • [USB] ---------------------------------RED------------X (N/C)

DSS 1311 - I/O Cable (RS-232)
  • [DB-9F] Pin 2 -------------------------BLK-------------------------- Pin S [MS3116F14-18P] <-TX
  • [DB-9F] Pin 3 -------------------------WHT-------------------------- Pin U [MS3116F14-18P] RX->
  • [DB-9F] Pin 5 -------------------------GRN-------------------------- Pin E [MS3226F14-18P] Gnd


How about Connector Pinouts?

Several common DSS connectors are listed below with their pinouts.

  DSS 1300 - MicroVib II Connector
  • Pin A [MS3116F14-18P] Vib In->
  • Pin B [MS3116F14-18P] Gnd
  • Pin D [MS3116F14-18P] Tach In->
  • Pin E [MS3116F14-18P] Gnd
  • Pin G [MS3116F14-18P] -5v
  • Pin M [MS3116F14-18P] +5v
  • Pin P [MS3116F14-18P] RX-> (TTL)
  • Pin R [MS3116F14-18P] <-TX (TTL)
  • Pin U [MS3116F14-18P] RX-> (RS-232)
  • Pin S [MS3116F14-18P] <-TX (RS-232)

  DSS 1450 - Mux Accel & Photo-Tach Input Connectors
  • Pin A +5v
  • Pin B Gnd
  • Pin C -5v
  • Pin D Input


Important: The above information is for MicroVib II connections. MicroVib I Pinouts are located here.

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