FAQ: MicroVib II - Creating & Editing Group Files


If you need to hand enter an entire group file into the MicroVib II, be sure to perform both sections A and B as shown below.

  A. How do I create a new Group File?

The MicroVib II can be used to create a new group file using the following steps:

  1. Power Up MicroVib II and press MODE - CONTROL PANEL - CREATE GROUP FILE.
  2. Select a template which most closely resembles the aircraft you wish to support (example: PROP TEMPLATE).
  3. Enter the desired file name for the new group file (example: TBM700).
  4. Press OK and the new group file will be saved to the MicroDisk.

  B. How do I enter settings into my new Group File?

You can edit the group file contents using the following steps:

  1. Power Up the MicroVib II and press FILE to display the File Directory.
  2. Use Up/Down Arrow Keys to select the group file you wish to make changes to.
  3. Press OPEN FILE to open the group file for editing.
  4. Note the currently selected task shown in the format TASK<X>: where <x> is a number 1-10.
  5. Use Left/Right Arrow Keys to select TASK1:.
  6. Press SET TASK NAME to change the task name. Enter the name and press OK when done.
  7. Press SET INPUT CHANNELS to change the channel selection. Enter the channel designation and press DONE when finished.
  8. Press SET INITIAL SENS FCTR to change the weight sensitivity. Enter the value and press OK when done.
  9. Press SET INITIAL TACH FCTR to change the tach offset. Enter the value and press OK when done.
  10. Press either STANDARD ROTOR or PROGRAM ROTOR to change the rotor mode as desired.
  11. If Program Rotor is selected, inspect Number of Locations, Units, Loc Fields, Angles and Radii. If any of these settings need to be changed, press SET ROTOR PROGRAM.
  12. Select desired adjustment location using Up/Down Arrows.
  13. Press SET ADJUST UNITS to change units label. Press OK when done.
  14. Press SET LOCATION NAME to change location label. Press OK when done.
  15. Press SET LOCATION ANGLE to change location angle. Press OK when done.
  16. Press SET LOCATION RADIUS to change location radius. Press OK when done.
  17. Repeat steps 12-16 for each Adjustment Location, then press DONE.
  18. Repeat steps 4-17 for each Task.
  19. Press DONE when finished.


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