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  What are the requirements for MicroVib II Filenames?

Filenames used in the MicroVib II must observe the DOS 8.3 conventions. Filenames must consist of a name, one through eight alpha-numeric characters in length, followed by an extension of three characters. Filenames may only contain the following character types:

  • Alphabetical (upper case only)
  • Numeric
  • The following special characters: @ ! # & ( ) ' % $ - ^ _ `

As of MicroVib II firmware v1.33, the following filename extensions are supported:

  • HST - History File
  • TRK - Blade Track Data File
  • SPC - Spectrum Data File
  • WAV - Waveform Data File
  • OVL - Overall Scan File
  • TMS - True RMS Scan File
  • TPK - True Peak Scan File
  • PKP - Peak - Phase Data File
  • TAC - Tach Ratio Scan File

  Why does the MicroBase Pro Data Manager display asterisks in the remote filename?

Users of MicroVib II with firmware v1.33 and before are sometimes able to enter a filename which contains a space (' '). This condition does not affect MicroVib II operation, however MicroBase Professional cannot process such a filename and will display the remote filename enclosed in asterisks to indicate it is improperly formatted.

Use the following checklist to correct the filename:

  • On the MicroVib II, press the FILE menu item to open the File Directory.
  • Use the up/down arrow keys to select the problem file.
  • Press the RENAME FILE menu item. The Rename File screen will be displayed.
  • Use the Right Arrow Key to move the cursor to the first blank character after the filename and press the DEL CHR menu item once for each blank character. For example: if the filename displayed is "TEST" (four characters) then move the cursor to the fifth character position and press DEL CHR four times.
  • Press the OK menu item to save the new filename.
  • Go back to the MicroBase Data Manager and click the Connect button to reload the remote file listing.

The remote file listing should now display the filename without asterisks.


Why does my renamed history file seem to be missing some data?

When using the MicroBase Data Manager to rename and then download the current (active) history file in the MicroVib II, the latest data (runs) collected may not be available for Identification.

This problem is caused by a bug in MicroVib II firmware v1.30 which does not update global variables properly when the current balance history file is remotely renamed. When the file is remotely renamed, the MicroVib II still associates the current history memory image with the old filename and therefore does not flush the memory image to disk when a download is requested.

This problem has been fixed with MicroVib II firmware v1.31. Until you have upgraded your MicroVib firmware to v1.31 (or later), you can work around this problem by renaming the file using the MicroVib II File Manager and then re-connecting to the MicroBase Data Manager for downloading.


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