DSS Product Leasing Options

  The MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer can be leased affordably as a result of an agreement between Dynamic Solutions Systems and several equipment leasing firms. One of our equipment leasing firms, Montana Commercial Credit, offers multiple year conventional closed-end leases on the MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer and other DSS equipment at very affordable rates.

The MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer, not only provides an arsenal of powerful analysis features, previously available only in expensive laboratory equipment, but also performs the fastest balancing ever. And best of all, all of this is very affordable either through direct purchase or leasing.



FBO's and Repair Stations

FBO's and Repair Stations which desire to add state of the art vibration analysis and balancing to their shops capabilities may now do so very easily and without making a large cash outlay.

The MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer makes an important addition to the business. Customers will be able to obtain helicopter track and balance, propeller balancing, engine vibration analysis and state-of-the-art structural and cabin vibration surveys.

Additionally, shops that provide propeller balancing to customers on a regular basis tell us that 60% of their propeller balance customers end up asking for additional work to be performed.



Local Clubs and Chapters

The MicroVib Aircraft Analyzer makes a great addition to the organization's tool crib. Members of the local Pilots association, Flying club or EAA Chapter will be able to obtain propeller balancing, engine vibration analysis and state-of-the-art structural and cabin vibration surveys.



Leasing is Easy

Customers interested in leasing the MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer need only to have been in business for two years or more and pass a standard credit examination. Once an application is received by our authorized leasing company it is usually approved within one business day.

Not-for-profit organizations, such as EAA chapters, must have a personal guarantor for the credit application to be processed and to guarantee payment.



Small Cash Outlay

Once approved, customers have only a small cash outlay equivalent to two monthly payments and they are ready to do business with the MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer.



Leasing Advantages

There are many advantages for the customer who decides to lease their MicroVib II Analyzer. First, only a small amount of money is required up front, usually equal to two monthly payments, making large cash outlays unnecessary and allowing the equipment to quickly begin paying for itself from the very first month of use.

Second, the customer may generally write off 100% of the lease charges in the years that these lease payments are made. This can result in significant tax advantages; but to be sure in any individual case, the customer may wish to consult his/her tax consultant.



Truly Affordable

This leasing program makes the MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer truly affordable for the FBO, Repair station or even the local chapter or pilot organization.


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