The MicroTrack Optical Tracker

The MicroTrackTM Optical Tracker is now available from Dynamic Solutions Systems. This high performance rotor tracking system not only provides precise track readings but does so for less than the cost of a similar strobe tracking system. This new offering from DSS is the perfect addition to the MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer to provide state-of-the-art tracking and balancing capability for today's rotary-wing aircraft. This lightweight, handheld unit is loaded with features and makes rotor tracking a simple, straightforward job.


MicroTrack FeaturesMicroTracker

  • Modern Computerized Design
  • Easy Installation
  • No Tip Targets Required
  • Simple Operation
  • Track Display
  • Internal Battery Operation
  • System Compatibility

Modern Computerized Design

The MicroTrack offers superior performance utilizing the latest technology in computerized digital signal processing. It is supplied in a package which is small enough to hold comfortably in one hand and will easily fit in the smallest cockpit.

Easy Installation

The MicroTrack utilizes the same cables and sensors originally supplied in the MicroVib Aircraft Analyzer kit. Installation is even simpler than with a strobe based system.

No Tip Targets Required

The MicroTrack utilizes a unique approach to electro optical rotor tracking which does not require tip targets, reflective tape or blade markings of any type.

Simple Operation

The MicroTrack uses a single push button (trigger) switch to allow the user complete control over the unit's functions

Track Display MicroVib II Optical Tracking Display

The MicroTrack Optical Tracker collects and processes rotor track information and then transmits it directly to the MicroVib or MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer where it is displayed.

The example MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer screens display precise readings of Track error (Inches Peak-to-Peak), Rotor Speed (RPM), and a graphical display of track error and lead-lag error for each blade being tracked.

Once the track adjustment has been accomplished a final track picture can be collected. A simple keystroke saves the displayed track information to MicroVib or MicroVib II data storage for later recall and analysis or upload to MicroBase Plus. MicroVib II Optical Tracking Display With Lead/Lag

Internal Battery Operation

Operating power for the MicroTrack is supplied by the MicroVib or MicroVib II Analyzer's internal rechargeable battery eliminating the need for bulky power cables to obtain aircraft power.

System Compatibility

The MicroTrack data stored in the MicroVib Aircraft Analyzer can be recalled for easy viewing, printed or uploaded to the user's MicroBase System for permanent storage.


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