Course DC30 (8 Hrs) - FAA Course: C-IND-IM-120316-K-006-016

Level 1 - Helicopter Vibration Maintenance - Rotor System Track & Balance

Description: This course introduces vibration theory, balancing, and measurement of vibration as applied to rotary-wing aircraft. The classroom session emphasizes proper use of the MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer for both rotor track and balance, and vibration analysis. The flight line session allows the equipment user to have "hands-on" experience installing and using the MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer on actual aircraft.

Who Should Attend: Recommended for aircraft maintenance technicians and engineering personnel who have little or no previous experience in vibration theory and/or balancing.


Classroom Session (4 hrs):

  • Physics and Vibration Theory
  • Vibration Frequency and Magnitude
  • Causes of Vibration
  • Measuring Vibration
  • Balancing Rotating Machinery
  • Waveform vs Spectrum Analysis
  • Spectrum Frequency Range and Resolution
  • Machine Component Identification
  • MicroVib II File System and File Types
  • MicroVib II Application Notes
  • MicroVib II Balancing Standard Rotors
  • MicroVib II Balancing Program Rotors
  • MicroVib II Spectrum Analysis
  • MicroBase Professional Basics
  • MicroVib II Hands-On (lab)

Flightline Session (4 hrs):

  • Reading Application Notes
  • Equipment Requirements
  • Equipment Installation
  • Equipment Setup
  • Helicopter Rotor Tracking
  • Helicopter Rotor Balancing
  • Helicopter Accessory Balancing
  • Dynamic Vibration Absorber Tuning
  • Helicopter Vibration Analysis
  • Myths and Misconceptions
  • Common Errors
  • Post Processing with MicroBase Professional
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