Course DC50 (8 Hrs) - FAA Course: C-IND-IM-120316-K-006-018

Helicopter Vibration Analysis

Description: This course introduces vibration theory and vibration analysis as applied to fixed-wing aircraft. The classroom session emphasizes vibration theory and methods available for use in performing vibration analysis of rotary-wing aircraft. The flight line session allows the equipment user to have "hands-on" experience installing and using the MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer on actual aircraft.

Who Should Attend: Recommended for aircraft maintenance technicians and engineering personnel who have little or no previous experience in vibration theory and/or balancing.


Classroom Session (6 hrs):

  • Physics and Vibration Theory
  • Vibration Frequency and Magnitude
  • Common Causes of Vibration
  • Measuring Vibration
  • Balancing Rotating Machinery
  • Waveform vs Spectrum Analysis
  • Spectrum Frequency Range and Resolution
  • Machine Component Identification
  • MicroVib II File System and File Types
  • MicroVib II Application Notes
  • MicroVib II Balancing Standard Rotors
  • MicroVib II Spectrum Analysis
  • Reciprocating Engine Vibration Analysis
  • Turbine Engine Vibration Analysis
  • Helicopter Drivetrain Vibration Analysis
  • MicroBase Professional Vibration Analysis
  • Spectrum Plots, Cursors and Markers
  • First Order and Harmonic Vibration
  • Parallel Shaft Gear Vibration Theory
  • Planetary Drive Gear Vibration
  • Modulation / Sideband Vibration
  • Bearing Vibration Analysis
  • Machine Component Identification

Flightline Session (2 hrs):

  • Equipment Installation and Setup
  • Rotating Machinery Balancing
  • Aircraft Vibration Analysis
  • Myths and Misconceptions
  • Common Errors
  • Post Processing with MicroBase Professional


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