Using The MORE Report Generator

The MicroVib™ II Aircraft Analyzer and MicroBase, in conjunction with the MORE Report Generator are now FAA approved for use in fulfilling the Vibration Analysis and Propeller Balancing requirements of the MORE STC for Pratt and Whitney PT-6A engines.

For more information see the MORE STC Letter to Customers.


  MicroVib II/MicroBase/MORE Report GeneratorMORE STC Report Features
  • Fast and Accurate Dynamic Prop Balancing
  • High Speed Vibration Analysis
  • Permanent Data Storage
  • Simple and Easy Data Transfer
  • Automatic Parameter Checking
  • High Reliability Equipment

MORE Reports Include

  • Wide Range Spectrum Plots
  • STC Serial Number
  • STC Number
  • Engine Serial Number
  • MORE Authorized Data Thresholds
  • Automatic Peak Listing
  • Memo Text Listing
  • MicroVib II Serial Number
  • MicroVib II Calibration Date
  • Operator Comments



  Using The MORE Report Generator With The MORE STC

In order to use the MORE Report Generator with the MORE STC you will need these items:


How To Get Started

Authorized users of the MORE STC desiring to upgrade to the MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer should contact:


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