MicroBase ProfessionalTM Aircraft Analysis System

MicroBase ProfessionalTM 2.21, is now available from Dynamic Solutions Systems. This powerful product not only provides an arsenal of powerful data storage, analysis and output features, but now allows the user to share aircraft vibration data with other installations connected to the MicroBase Network.

MicroBase Professional is designed for compatibility with today's reasonably priced, high performance personal computers which use the Microsoft Windows operating system. Aircraft engineering, research and maintenance groups alike will be able to boost their capabilities dramatically with modern, flexible, computerized analysis technology from Dynamic Solutions Systems. 

MicroBase Professional is compatible with the FAA approved MORE STC Report Generator!

MicroBase Professional is has been completely redesigned with a powerful new user interface. The workspace is easy to adjust and highly configurable. Sample screens are shown below.


MicroBase Professional Balance History Display
Balance History Display


MicroBase Professional Spectrum Display
Spectrum Analysis Display


MicroBase Professional Features
  • Transfer Data to/from MicroVib II
  • Data Identification For Permanent Recordkeeping
  • Balance History Records
  • Engine Vibration Analysis
  • Vibration Trend Monitoring
  • Single Plane Balance Solutions
  • User Configurable Threshold Alarm Levels
  • Spectrum Highest Peaks Listing
  • Spectrum Component Identification
  • Smart Spectrum Peak Interpolation
  • Detailed Balance and Data Display
  • Print Standard and Special Reports
  • Print Logbook Reports on Standard Labels
  • Aircraft Data Import and Export
  • MicroBase Polar Plot
  • MicroBase Blade Track Plot
  • MicroBase Spectrum Plot
  • MicroBase Waveform Plot
  • Built-in MicroVib II Group Files Editor
  • Transfer Group Files to/from MicroVib II
  • User Configurable Data View
  • Powerful Data Filter
  • Download Applications Data from the MicroBase Network
  • Automatic and manual database archiving.
  • Share Data and Applications Data over the MicroBase Network
  • No Complicated Setup
  • Modern User Interface
  • Industry Standard Database File Format
  • Best Price / Performance
  • FAA Approved for MORE STC

Better Than a Stethoscope: In the past, a long screwdriver, a clipboard and practical experience were the only tools available to perform vibration analysis. The stethoscope technique, although crude, was used by the vibration expert to compare the subject aircraft noises with those from previously known problems. All historical information was stored in the vibration expert's head with no record of analysis results.

With MicroBase Professional, data collected by the MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer can be unloaded into your personal computer. Once stored in the MicroBase Professional database, this data can be used for a variety of purposes, from simple comparisons all the way to forming a sophisticated predictive maintenance system for aircraft.

Data Identification: Each data record is stored in the main database and tagged with a variety of useful information including: Aircraft Ident (tail number), Aircraft Model, Aircraft Serial Number, Aircraft Hours, Component Name, Component Model, Component Serial Number and Component Hours, making data sorting and selection powerful and easy. To add additional flexibility, MicroBase Professional also provides a unique, user configurable Operator Comments field for each stored data item which can be updated by the user at any time.

Balance History Records: Both Rotary and Fixed-Wing operators will appreciate the MicroBase Professional's ability to save each aircraft balance history record for later evaluation and comparison with others. Balance History records contain vibration levels, adjustments made, aircraft response and a wealth of other valuable information .

Engine Analysis: MicroBase Professional is particularly suited to analysis of engine vibration data, both turbine and reciprocating. Comparison of past and present vibration data only takes a couple of keystrokes. Collected data can easily be compared against manufacturer vibration specifications and hard copy reports are easily produced to document engine health.

Component Identification: MicroBase Professional's unique Component Identification feature permits the user to relate spectrum peaks to components in the machine quickly and easily.

No Complicated Setup: MicroBase Professional installation takes only minutes and data can be unloaded from the MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer immediately, without the need for complicated setup.

Detailed Balance and Data Display: Complete Balance History information is displayed in a tabular data and/or graphic polar display. The MicroBase data display window provides sharp graphic presentation of the vibration data under analysis. Spectrum data is displayed with full cursor and scale control and includes an automatic listing of the most significant vibration peaks. Important data types supported are Overall, Waveform, True RMS, True Peak, Peak/Phase and DC Scan.

Quickly Print Results: Results of the data analysis can be printed in a variety of report formats. Virtually all printers are supported through the Windows printer interface.

Aircraft Data Import And Export: MicroBase supports vibration data export to and import to and from disk files in a variety of data formats. With just a couple of clicks, data items which have been stored in the main database may be exported in a variety of data formats for use in other MicroBase systems and third party application programs such as Spreadsheets, Word Processors and other Database programs.

MicroBase to MicroBase: One of the new export file formats is intended for importation into other MicroBase systems. This type of data file may contain more than one MicroBase data item allowing easy transfer of a group of related data items from one MicroBase System to another.

Threshold Alarm Levels: MicroBase supports plotted Threshold Alarms. Threshold alarms provide a quick visual clue of the seriousness of a vibration level and can be used to identify important vibration peaks which have exceeded maximum levels.

Polar plot Threshold Alarms appear as a small red circle. Spectrum and waveform plots are shown as horizontal line(s). Threshold Alarms appear on printouts as a dashed line. The Threshold Alarm also controls the number of individual spectrum peaks displayed in the Spectrum Peaks list box and the Print Peaks function.

Compatibility: MicroBase Professional is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Many other Operating Systems via the use of VM (Virtual Machine) Techology

Best Price: Unlike other systems, the MicroBase System is priced to be easily affordable by the MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer owner.



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