What's New With MicroBase Professional

MicroBase Professional v2.12 (current version)

Enhanced Features

  • Improved Selection List Behavior
  • Improved Application Files Editing.
  • Added direct link to Product Support.


  • Corrected Engine S/N Issue in MORE Report Generator.
  • Corrected Screen Graphics in High Res Scaled Displays.
  • Corrected Insert Run Issue in Balance History Editor.

Important Note: DSS recommends that all users of MicroBase Pro v2.x auto-update to MicroBase Pro v2.12. To learn how to auto-update MicroBase Pro, click here.

  MicroBase Professional v2.11

Enhanced Features

  • Improved Auto-Update
  • Improved RS-232 Serial Communication.
  • Improved Access to Online FAQs and DSS Field Offices.


  • Corrected Installer Behavior on Localized (non-English) versions of Windows
  • Corrected MORE Report Threshold Labels.

MicroBase Professional v2.10

Enhanced Features

  • Added downloadable spectrum alarm files feature.
  • Added Vibration computer utility.
  • Added Dual plane balancing utility.
  • Added check for updates function.
  • Maximum screen size changed to 2560 x 1440.
  • Improved group file printing.
  • Added "MicroVib II Is Out Of Calibration" warning.
  • Changed Inbox, Outbox and Edit Message dialogs to Modeless.


  • Corrected MORE Report Full Scale value error.
  • Corrected default (create) group file contents.
  • Corrected track rotor freq units issue (always in RPM).
  • Corrected Peak Locate error on Flat Top windowed spectrum plots.
  • Corrected Win8 authorization issue.
  • Home folder privileges corrected in WinVista/7/8/8.1.
  • Improved upload with USB-RS232 timing issue.

Important Note: DSS strongly recommends that all users of MicroBase Pro v2.0 auto-update to MicroBase Pro v2.1. The new version corrects several issues having to do with the heightened security of Windows Vista/7/8/10. To learn how to auto-update MicroBase Pro, click here.

  MicroBase Professional v2.01

Enhanced Features: Improved Data View selections. Selection List display format.

Sample Data: Added MORE Sample Data.

MicroBase Help: Help includes new sections on Getting Started and Keeping MicroBase Up-To-Date.

Corrections: Corrected time-zone user authorization issue. Overwrite of downloaded application files. Inbox/Outbox data formatting.


  MicroBase Professional v2.00

Initial Release: MicroBase completely re-written with completely new user interface and many new features.

Application Support: Users can download application support files directly from the MicroBase Network into MicroBase Professional.

Product Bulletins: Users can stay up to date with DSS Product Bulletins.

Machine Component Identification: Spectrum peaks are easily identified with the powerful new Machine Component Identification feature. 

MicroBase Messaging: Users can easily share aircraft data and applications support files with other users of the MicroBase Network.



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