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  Product Support
  • Check Our FAQs Page. Before contacting Dynamic Solutions Systems product support, please check our FAQs page to see if the particular problem you need help with is covered there.
  • Check For Product Updates. As part of our continuous product improvement program, Dynamic Solutions Systems provides updates to our software and firmware releases. Check your product to see if you are using the latest firmware and/or software.
  • Check Service Bulletins. A service bulletin may cover the exact problem you need information about.
  • Phone Or Email: We offer free, unlimited phone and email support for all of our customers. We have a strong staff of highly experienced people ready to answer any question related to using the system at any time.
Applications Support
  • Balancing: If you have a problem performing a balance job, please email us at applications and include the following information:
    • Model of the balancer used including firmware version.
    • Type of balancing job, including aircraft model, component being balanced and any pertinent history such as repairs, modifications, STC, etc.
    • Detailed description of the problem.
    • An exact copy of your balance history so we can determine the exact cause of the problem you are having. Send your balance history to MicroBase Network handle "MarkLester".
  • MicroBase: If you have a problem with MicroBase or MicroBase professional, please email us at applications and include the following information:
    • MicroBase version and serial number.
    • PC model and operating system version.
    • Detailed description of the problem.
  • Bug Reports We encourage our customers to report any problems or suggestions relating to our products. Please email us a description of the problem at suggestions and include any additional information which might be helpful in reproducing the problem such as:
    • Product model affected.
    • What equipment the product is being used with.
    • What operations lead up to the problem.
  Product Calibration And Repair
  • Calibration: Routine annual calibration of the instruments we make is highly recommended. While it is highly unlikely that our modern solid state equipment will "drift" out of calibration, annual calibration is still a key part of overall quality assurance. For information on obtaining calibration for your DSS equipment, see our Calibration Page. You can also contact us at calibration with any questions.
  • Repairs: We repair the equipment we manufacture at very cost competitive rates. Our repair turn around times are very short. For information on obtaining repair of your DSS equipment, see our Repair Page. You can also contact us at repair with any questions.
  • Turn Around Time: We believe our prices and turn around times are the best in the industry. Please contact us for an estimate of cost and turnaround time.
















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