What's New With The MicroVib II

Note If you would like to update your Microvib II unit to the latest firmware, it must be returned to DSS headquarters for both update and recalibration. The DSS calibration and firmware update page is here.

Update May 2012 - MicroVib II units manufactured in May 2012 and up have brighter LCD backlight and improved contrast for best readability under the harshest conditions.

MicroVib IIA (S/N's 2299 and below) Firmware v1.34.101.75
MicroVib IIB (S/N's 2300 and above) Firmware v1.35.104.75

Timeout: Added user adjustable auto off timer (1-60 min).

Display Precision: Increased input sensitivity display precision.

Hardware Support:  Added support for new LCD contrast controller hardware.

Corrections: Corrected corrupted history file on startup problem. Corrected English to Metric conversion factor. Protected against user entry of illegal filename characters.

MicroVib II Firmware v1.33

Triggered Data Collection Modes:  Added Auto, Level and Tach triggered data collection to spectrum and waveform analysis modes.

Spectrum Cursor Modes: Added Harmonic and Move Harmonic spectrum cursor modes. Added Peak Locate, Harmonic and Move Harmonic cursor modes to to Log/dB spectrum modes.

Group File Templates: Group file templates have been updated for S-76, A109, R-22 and MD-500.

Restore Factory Defaults: Added Restore Factory Defaults menu. Operator can now select Restore Factory Defaults without changing MicroVib II input settings.

User Scaling: Spectrum and Waveform scale adjustment range is now user adjustable from 0.01 to 5000.0 display units.

Other Changes: Added tracker delay bit identification. Changed default units for waveform from Accel to Sensor units. Improved low battery shutdown logic. Recalled data is now isolated from system settings.

Corrections:  Corrected incorrect spectrum block average number. Corrected metric conversion factor for Waveform and TRMS mode. Changed Waveform FS level units from RMS to PEAK.

  MicroVib II Firmware v1.32

Signal Mux Support: The MicroVib II firmware has been upgraded to support new Signal Multiplexer configurations (4x4, 2x6, 4x16).

Solution Generator: New options to control adaptive balancing.



MicroVib II Firmware v1.30

MicroBase Compatibility: The MicroVib II firmware has been upgraded to support data file upload and download to the MicroBase System v1.50.

PC File Compatibility: MicroVib II file names and formats are now compatible with DOS based file systems found in personal computers.

More Reliable Data Storage: An improved system data storage strategy improves reliability of user variables.

Faster Graphic Display: Graphic display times have been improved.


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